3 Ways to softer, smoother feet


(By Chantelle Bester) Sandal season is just about over, which means now is a great time to treat and repair the skin of your feet …

  1. An oil-based scrub is a great way of getting rid of dead skin while replenishing moisture. Give your feet a good scrub twice a week, paying special attention to your heels, cuticles and any problem areas you’re aware of. Any body scrub will do, and you can also make your own. There’s an easy recipe here.
  2. Don’t wait until your heels start cracking before you file them, but rather keep a handle on things by using a foot file for some gentle maintenance once or twice a week.
  3. Apply foot cream every night, and if possible in the mornings too. A foot cream containing urea or alpha hydroxy acids is best.

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