#Travel: An Eagle’s eye view of Vienna

The Vienna Tourist Board’s video “Vienna from an eagle’s eye view” gives a bird’s-eye view of the city below. © Vienna Tourist Board / Red Bull Media House (PRNewsfoto/Vienna Tourist Board)

The Vienna Tourist Board sent eagles up into the skies to capture footage of the city from above.

Fritzi, Bruno, Darshan and Victor took to the skies on behalf of the Vienna Tourist Board, taking off from the top of the Danube Tower and a hot air balloon launched from the grounds of Palais Schwarzenberg. The eagles were kitted out with 360° cameras and 16:9 format cameras on their backs. They circled above the city capturing bird’s-eye views in stunning 4k resolution.

For the animal lovers, you’ll be happy to learn that all the necessary animal welfare clearances were obtained before starting the project and none of the eagles – wearing lightweight cameras – came to any harm during filming.

Now online, travel fans can watch the footage using VR goggles and experience the capital in 360° just as the eagles caught it on camera.

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