Why marriage is a big deal


When you marry someone, you marry more than the person, you marry…

1. “The person’s growth”

All the growth your chosen partner has gone through, all the growth your chosen partner will attain, you benefit from it.

2. “The person’s family”

Whether your chosen partner comes from a good or bad family, you will have to get used to your in-laws.

3. “The person’s faith”

The spiritual faith or lack of it is a powerful and personal choice that affects how your chosen partner lives and makes decisions. You may be in love but when excitement of love simmers down, whether your chosen partner has no faith, a different faith from you or the same faith as you, be prepared because your chosen partner and you will be guided by how you worship or don’t worship God.

4. “The person’s weaknesses”

Whatever weaknesses and flaws your chosen person has, you will live with them all your life. Some weaknesses will present an opportunity for you to make your chosen partner to become better, as you improve each other, your love grows.

5. “The person’s body”

Whichever body your chosen partner has and whatever happens to it, that is the body you are to be faithful to. If she has a big bum or small, perky boobs or big ones; if he has a built up body or a lean one; if her body orgasms quickly, squirts or not or he has a big or small tool for the action; whatever illness may befall on that body; whatever improvements better eating, good genes, good physical health and work out may bring; however that body ages; whatever marks the body gets; that is the body you are to love till death.

6. “The person’s friends”

The friends of your chosen partner will have to become your friends. In order for things between you two to be smooth, you’ll need to know or know about those friends. Be aware that those friends will have an influence on your chosen partner and effectively, your marriage.

7. “The person’s blessings”

Whatever blessings that your chosen partner received before you and will receive while with you, they become your blessings too. If your chosen partner had children before you, they become your children and a part of you. When someone blesses your chosen partner, they bless you too; if your chosen partner is a good person who attracts blessings, blessings will follow your marriage.

8. “The person’s micro-climate”

Everyone has a micro-climate; the vibe we give wherever we go. For some, they are toxic and draining; others are positive and warm. Whatever temperaments, attitude, character or personality your chosen partner has; that is what will influence the climate in the home you will have together; that is the climate you will be coming home to everyday.

9. “The person’s future uncertainties”

However the future will turn and however the turn of events will positively or negatively affect your chosen partner, you must remain committed to your marriage- for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part. Life is dynamic, things change, ups and downs; but your love should be constant and unwavering.

10. “The person’s help and support”

If your chosen partner is a giver, a pillar of strength; throughout your marriage, you will have someone beside you, a true friend.

11. “The person’s issues”

Whatever issues your chosen partner has; be they short tempered issues, insecurity issues, impatience issues, low self esteem issues, trust issues, issues brought about by life; you will have to learn to love your chosen partner despite them and through them; that is what love does.

12. “The person’s fights”

Whatever and whoever will attack your chosen partner will also be attacking you.

13. “The person’s past”

Whatever past your chosen partner lived through before you came; whether it’s consequence good or bad still lingers, you have to accept it. Whatever the past, it has an impact on why your chosen partner will act in some ways, it will shape your chosen partner’s perspective and outlook of life. A good or bad past shouldn’t affect the quality or intensity of your love.

14. “The person’s dreams and ambitions”

Most likely, your chosen partner will keep pursuing his or her dreams, be ready to support even if you don’t understand much, be flexible and accommodating because sacrifices will have to be made. Your chosen partner’s success will become your success, his/her failure will also be yours.

15. “The person’s finances or lack there of”

If your chosen partner is wealthy, that wealth will be added to yours; if your chosen partner has little, share yours, invest in him/her. Whether you both have much or little you can grow wealthy together, whether you both go bankrupt you can pick yourselves up, whether one of you gets retrenched or loses income, you can find prosperity together. Don’t marry for money, marry for love and commitment; true love is hard to find, but wealth can be easily got when you work together and apply the right principles.

Be aware of all this as you marry, because the choice of who you marry affects your entire life. Be aware that when someone chooses to marry you, it is a big deal because he/she is taking you as you are and the whole package you come with!

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