6 Things to help you have a stress-free move!

Imagine this: you’ve got a big move coming up, two kids under the age of five and a hard-to-please boss at your full-time job. Or maybe you’re currently single and living in an apartment that you’ve completely outgrown (where your oven currently acts as your second shoe closet – hello, Carrie Bradshaw) and you’ve got boxes from your Class 3 art project that you can’t even imagine living without.

Whichever way you look at it, moving can be incredibly stressful.

Not only does it mean confronting all the baggage that you’ve been accumulating for years, it means arranging and budgeting for movers to come in, decluttering and organizing but most importantly, trying to create a home out of a shell.

Tips on having a stress-free move

Here are some eight simple tricks that helped me reduce the stress of my move by at least 60%. Which counts for something, right?

  1. Start decluttering at least two months in advance. The truth is, there’s a lot of junk in your current space that doesn’t need to be carried forward into your new home. And if ever there was a moment to let go of that perfect pair of jeans that’s four sizes too small and three seasons too old, it’s now.
  2. Like it or not, your move is going to cost money. Whether it’s in the deposit you need to pay for your new house, the movers you’ll need to pay to help out or the extra extension cables you’ll need to buy to cater for the lack of adequate sockets… moving house costs money. Budget for it so that money doesn’t become an extra stressor.
  3. Lists are your friends. Not sure how many more bulbs you’ll need for the new space? Add it to your ‘shopping list’. Need to remember to call your soon-to-be landlord regarding the leaking faucet, add it to your ‘new home renovation’ list. Need to find a good movers company, add it to your ‘to-do list’! Don’t leave anything to memory because you’ll be surprised just how much you’ve got to remember during this whole process. And on that note:
  4. Call movers. You don’t need to be the one physically hurling your fridge up those four flights of stairs and into your new apartment. So if you can, plan for movers to come and assist you.
  5. Friends are there for a reason. Chances are if you’ve got good friends then they’ve already offered to help but if for some reason they haven’t yet, ask. Ain’t no shame in the game. Make sure you tell them in advance so that they block out that day/weekend for you. Perhaps they could help you declutter or be part of the organizing process in your new home. Order in pizza, play some music and it should help the hours pass by in minutes!
  6. Keep your valuables close. If you’re afraid that your great grandmother’s fine china set may get damaged in the move or perhaps that diamond ring may get lost, then keep your valuables close. Don’t take any chances. Your laptop, important documents and expensive items should be under your close watch to prevent sticky fingers or preventable breakages from taking place.

There you have it.

Happy moving!

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