Britney Spears and Revlon launch a new fragrance

Global pop icon and award-winning entertainer Britney Spears, along with leading global beauty company Revlon,has launched a new fragrance, BRITNEY SPEARS™ PREROGATIVE.

A fragrance with no boundaries, the new fragrance is an olfactive statement of authenticity and individuality, designed to embolden anyone who wears it to be whoever they want to be. “Prerogative is all about empowerment and confidence—we all deserve to feel free and fierce,” Britney Spears shared in a statement.

The fragrance is a seductive Oriental Woody Amber scent with an irresistible gourmand twist. Contemporary, exotic notes like Latex Petals and Red Calla Lily weave the refreshing, fruit-forward top notes and warm, woody base notes into a seamless, gender-neutral composition. With a provocative edginess that is true to Britney’s aesthetic sensibility, the bottle is a hybrid shape composed of sharp edges and soft, rounded corners that reflects the contrasting sensibilities Prerogative represents and gives a nod to the iconic fantasy silhouette.


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