Here are some 13 reasons why some women nag!



1. “To get their way”

Some women are bullies, they will nag their way to making a man do what they want. It’s all a tactic. The best way to handle this woman is to agree on matters when she is in a happy state, that way she will not go against what you both agreed and arm twist you. When you agree on matters as a team, it gives you the man more powers to stand your ground according to the agreement. Agree also on how to handle dispute so that if she does anything contrary, she will appear on the wrong and guilt will drive some sense to her.

2. “To hurt”

Some women easily turn to revenge and avenging. They hold grudges and so they use nag as a weapon, they will not stop giving the man hell. This woman is best handled by sitting her down, telling her how much her words hurt and asking her if she has truly forgiven you. Sometimes all this woman needs is an apology, a time out, a compliment or some warmth to make her put down her weapon.

3. “Reaction when threatened”

Some women nag as a form of defense, especially when they feel the man is a threat. They say nagging words to show him she is equal to the task. Men may be physically stronger, but women are verbally powerful. This woman is best handled by making her know that he is on her side and him refraining from being aggressive towards her.

4. “Insecurity”

When a woman feels insecure, she will automatically nag, she will question him with a suspicious tone, nag in an interrogative way, investigate the man looking for signs of him straying, complain he doesn’t spend time with her anymore, demand to know who he’s speaking to on phone maybe even snoop on his phone or messages. This woman is best handled by being transparent and spending more time with her, give her more access to your privacy, let her have your phone and password if indeed you have nothing to hide, affirm that no one is taking her place, display your love for her in public through simple gestures like holding her waist, kissing her, sitting cozy next to her.


5. “Impatience”

Some women nag because of their impatient nature, they put undue pressure on themselves, they get unsetled easily and doubt quickly. This lady is best handled by bringing it to her attention that you love her but she needs to work on her weakness, teach her to pray more, do breathing exercises with her, be patient with her as she becomes more patient.

6. “Misplaced fears”

Some women live in fear, they worry too much and are paranoid, believing that something bad is always about to happen. She will keep calling her phone asking if he is alright; she sees it as care, but he feels like she treats him like a baby. Some fear they haven’t closed the house door, the kitchen gas is still on, they will be car jacked. This woman is best handled by laughing about the fear with her, down play it, kiss her when she freaks out, pray with her, take her to more relaxed settings often.

7. “Extreme expectations”

Some women nag because they mismanage their expectations, they handle their men like a result producing machine instead of being understanding. They nag the man when his plans fail, they call him a failure when his plans delay, they mock him when he is not able to buy something or meet a need, they rub it on his face how pathetic he is. This woman needs a moment to cool, she needs to be involved in the planning and execution of those plans so that she appreciates why sometimes even the best of plans don’t work out or work out, but not as quickly as wished.

8. “To seek attention”

Some women are attention hungry, they nag to get noticed, speak loudly over and over to be focused on. This woman is best handled by giving her attention, make her feel special. A sweet text, a short phonecall to say hello, random dates where you concentrate on only her goes a long way.

9. “Unhealthy competition”

Others nag because they are in perpetual rivalry with their friends or siblings. They nag the man that they need to be like their peers, dress like their peers, live in the same mansions like their peers, not to be left behind by their peers. They complain too much if they feel they are lagging behind. This woman is best handled by allowing her to find herself, to find something fulfilling to do. When people are living fulfilled lives, the need to compete goes away.

10. “Hidden bitterness”

Sometimes a woman nags because she has inner resentment, she despises the man and the nag is just an expression of it. This woman is best handled by having a candid discussion, maybe there is something you as a man are doing or did that still bruises her heart. Trace back to when she started to be nagging and find out what you did, a woman who loves you will not despise you for no reason, know the reason.


11. “Stress”

Stress can make a woman a constant nag. Perhaps life is too stressful and she is taking out her frustrations on you, the person closest to her. This woman is handled by giving her a listening ear, be her therapy and let her break down and cry on your shoulders, give her a point of release, create a fuss free moment for her- take her dancing, massage her, take her on a vacation, soothe her.

12. “Low self esteem”

Low self esteem makes professional naggers. A woman who looks down on herself nags because she feels the man will leave poor her, she feels she always has to fight or play the victim card to get sympathy. This woman is best handled by building her up, help her see how amazing she is. Sometimes love is the mirror we need to look at to see how great we are.

13. “Poor upbringing”

Some women nag because they have poor communication skills, they grew up not knowing how to talk, how to be mindful of their words. This woman is best handled by understanding her and exposing her with love to a more mature and warm way of conversing.

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