Qualities of a great woman


A great woman…

1. “She is intelligent”

She opens her lips and oozes wisdom. He can have a hard and serious talk with her.

2. “She is emotionally stable”

Yes, she may be hurt, feeling low, going through her monthly periods but she’s a master of her feelings.

3. “She multiplies”

She’ll turn one thousand into a million, a million into a billion. She doesn’t sit lazy waiting to be done for things.african-american-woman-laughing-475

4. “She loves being loved”

Yes, she is not waiting to be done for things, but when you love on her and do good to her, she is receptive and appreciative. In as much as she loves to give, she lets him give to her too.

5. “She loves through food”

She will make attempts to cook the best meals, and most importantly, she will sit with him to enjoy a meal even if she’ll eat a small portion.

6. “She’s fun”

Though she’s intelligent, she can also act silly, crack jokes, tease, laugh; she is great company.

7. “She knows how to call for help”

When she’s stuck or in trouble, she knows how to ask for help from her man. She doesn’t suffer alone.

8. “She’s a reflection of God”

You see her and see God, she’s becoming more and more like God: loving, forgiving, graceful, strong valued.

9. “She is confident”

Whether she is an introvert or outgoing, she has a high self esteem. You can’t bring her down. She has admirable qualities.


10. “She feeds her mind, body and spirit”

You will catch her often reading a stimulating book or novel, praying, eating the right foods and working out.

11. “She keeps relationships”

She will have strong people surrounding her: whether a best friend, a clique of girlfriends or a bunch of close friends. She values relationships with friends and family not just the one with her man.

12. “She understands her body”

She knows what type of clothes, fashion and hair compliments her body shape, size and complexion. She looks physically good.

13. “She is sexually and faithfully alive”

She is not afraid to make sexual advances on her spouse, she knows how to make him touch her and desire her. She is sexually exciting. She is faithful to him and respects sex.

14 . “She nurtures”

She takes care and covers children; whether her own or others.


15. “She is a teacher and a student”

She is one to advice and correct her man with love but also willing to learn and be corrected.

16. “She is a great kisser”

He sees her lips and is in want. She is one to plant unforgettable kisses on him.

17. “She is not independent”

Though she is successful, professional, has her own money and is educated; she admits she needs her man. Her need to love and be loved makes them dependent on each other. Being a modern woman doesn’t mean she ages alone in her big mansion. She needs to love and be loved!

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