The Anna Wintour inspired sneaker – Air Jordans x Vogue

In the most unexpected collaboration, Vogue and the Air Jordan brand released the ultimate fashion sneakers inspired by the matriarch of fashion itself, Anna Wintour.

In a one-minute video released on YouTube, the Vogue Editor can be seen at her desk signing off “AWOK” (Anna Wintour Okay) on the magazine print page to signify her stamp of approval. This acronym is also going to be stamped on the sole of each shoe, once again symbolizing that if ever there was a fashionable sneaker release, it’s this one.

Two Jordan classics have been reinterpreted in this collaboration with the first style, Air Jordan 1, being released July 21. Vogue describes this first collection (as worn by Wintour in the video) as having “[recast]the retro, high-top shoe in rich red or white leather with a crimson tongue concealed behind a key-ring zip.”

The Air Jordan SE, pays homage to her classic Chanel tweed suits and black sunglasses and will be released September 7.

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