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The one product you needed for perfect brows was in your bathroom all along

Pencils, gels, pomades, powders, stencils, enhancing serums, spoolies… the list goes on and on when it comes to products you may be tempted to buy just to create the perfect, Cara Delavigne-like brow.

These days, there’s a product that will let you tint your brows, add some volume, make them look sparse or full… but all the while raking up the shillings. Some of these products can cost as much as KES2,500 and with a 90 day expiry date, you might find yourself spending a pretty penny on just brows.

But if you don’t have the time, money or energy to be investing in the latest eyebrow product in the market, there might be something lying about in your bathroom that might do the trick.

Using Soap to Groom your Brows

The idea of using soap to shape and tame eyebrows has been around for many years now but for some reason, it’s still unknown to most.

Priscilla Ono, celebrity makeup artist who works closely with Rihanna, said to Harpers Bazaar, “It’s an old makeup artist trick and because everyone’s obsessed with an editorial brow, this really makes them stick.” Priscilla went on to share some of her favourite tricks and revealed that the Work hitmaker is actually an accomplished makeup artist in her own right.

No surprise there given just how successful her Fenty Beauty collection has been.

So how does one actually use soap to groom their brows?

Well once you’re done filling in your brows, all you need to do is run the spoolie over the soap, then brush it over your brow hairs to give it a natural feel. It also helps lock the brows in place which is great if you happen to have unruly brows.

And there you have it, yet another Old Hollywood makeup trick revealed to us.

Now go forth and frame thy face with gorgeous brows!

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