Rémy Martin teams-up with artist to create new Augmented Reality app

As the latest expression of its forward-focused mind-set, Rémy Martin has invited internationally-renowned Matt W. Moore to introduce the next visual chapter of its centuries-old story – brought to life through an exclusive VSOP Limited Edition and a revolutionary Augmented Reality app that works similarly to Pokémon GO.


The Cognac house has long celebrated art, but this special collaboration brings its traditional Cognac-making craftsmanship into a modern, cosmopolitan setting. Driven by the power of digital, Matt W. Moore has created a visual narrative for the brand using his iconic “Vectorfunk” abstract graphics to generate new, colourful energy and harmonize history.

Inspired by the Cognac environment, Moore’s visual narrative for the brand introduces a realm of discovery, blending natural elements like grapes and leaves. And it inserts subtle clues, inviting the audience into an adventure of movement and mystery; and to see things they’ve never seen before.

FROM ART TO ARt #ARtbyremymartin

Through an imaginative new adventure of augmented reality, you’re invited to revisit your surroundings by taking on the role of the viewer as well as the artist. ARt means Augmented Reality Tour which will be celebrated in the form of City Tours in major cities all around the world, from New York and London to Moscow and Shanghai.

It is the world’s first brand activation that leverages ARKit technology through an art perspective. Playing with a vast pallet of 3D graphical elements inspired by Moore’s new visual universe, you’re free to become the artist, redesign your environment, and create your own unique vision of the world.