Discover a tastier World during Olive Oil World Tour

If you’re flying to or transiting through Europe soon, look out for the Olive Oil World Tour!

For the next three years, the world’s first Olive Oil World Tour will travel through five countries: Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Belgium and The Netherlands.

The Tour kicked-off in Madrid earlier in June since Spain is the world leader in production, distribution and commercialization of olive oil; and the Spanish will continue to lead this project that invites travelers from all over the world to join the European healthy lifestyle through the consumption of olive oil.

Through Olive Oil Lounges at various main airports, train stations and cruise terminals, thousands of travelers will be given the chance to experience olive oils through tastings, exhibitions, and even a specially designed children’s area.

Also, an A319 aircraft from Iberia Airline with the image of olive oils will fly to 37 airports in 17 countries to bring the World Tour to life.


Extra-virgin olive oil

100% olive juice. These oils are obtained when the olives have reached optimum ripeness, and solely through mechanical means. Extra-virgin olive oils are the highest quality oils, and are free from defects, so they have excellent flavor and aroma characteristics, providing a feast for the senses. Extra-virgin olive oils, besides being a source of monounsaturated fatty acids, provide natural antioxidants such as olive oil polyphenols and vitamin E.

The oils in this category can be made from a single-variety (obtained from a single variety of olives so the sensory attributes of each variety can be more clearly appreciated) or a blend (containing a variety of olives in different proportions).

Virgin olive oil

These oils come from 100% olive juice, and have remarkable flavor and aroma characteristics. They do not reach the same level of excellence of extra-virgin oils, but they do share their antioxidant capacity and richness in monounsaturated fatty acids.

Olive oil

These oils are a mixture of refined olive oils and virgin or extra-virgin oils in varying amounts. Refined olive oils are obtained from virgin olive oils that have not met the high standards required of virgin and extra-virgin oils. However, they share the same high content of monounsaturated fatty acids, which are essential to a complete diet.


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