The Benefits of Keeping off Sex when Dating

1. It helps you to make wise and clear decisions in choosing a partner. Sex clouds your judgement because it is pleasurable.

2. It keeps away jokers. Only a serious person will want to date you without sex. This is how to know who is a player or not.

3. It helps you two know each other deeper. When sex is introduced as two people are getting to know each other, the couple dwells so much on sex that they miss out on other important things about each other. Sex distracts a young couple from building the right foundation for a future marriage.

4. It makes you two love each other for your heart and character, not sexual excitement.

5. It prevents unwanted pregnancy. When you love someone and you trust them, often you might not use protection during sex. Many men and women have become unplanned parents because they were engaging in sex with someone they love in a relationship. Often, the pregnancy changes things between them, some break up, other men abandon the woman and child. Others do get married but with a feeling they were trapped by the pregnancy.

6. It brings Godly peace in the relationship. Many Christian couples feel guilty because of their sexual activity. A lack of Godly peace and continuous guilt makes the relationship suffer, you start to question.

7. It makes you both disciplined. You will need discipline in marriage, if you will get married.

8. In the event that you do break up, the break up will not be messy and full of regret. Many have sexed a person they thought would be their husband/wife only for the relationship to end.

9. If you do get married, you will both look forward to the honeymoon. Don’t rush, great sex is on the way.

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