What It Means To Make A Woman Your Wife

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1. She wants to bear the name of a man, who is a man of honor. Her becoming Mrs. should be to a man worthy

2. She wants to commit to a man who will give her a wedding. The wedding can be big or small, as long as he gets to have her the right and legal way; with the blessings of God, family and the law

3. She wants to live in the same house for the rest of her life with a man who will give her peace, not stress

4. She wants to give her precious and sweet vagina that many men crave for but cannot have, to a man who will be responsible with his penis; a man who give his penis to her and only her

5. She will be faithful. Because she is faithful, she wants to commit to a man who will take care of her sexual needs, not a man who only thinks about his pleasure in bed

6. She wants to say yes to a man who will respect her dreams. She is educated, has been making her own money and wants to live a legacy. She wants to commit to a man who will not stand in the way of her personal growth but one who will encourage and support her

7. She wants rich and deep conversations. Forever is a very long time to live with someone who doesn’t stimulate your mind with constructive talk. She wants to come home to a man who talks and she goes “Wow, your intelligence and wisdom is amazing”

8. She wants to carry and bear the child of a man who will be a good father, not an absent and irresponsible sperm donor or one who will make parenthood a struggle

9. She wants a man who will tickle her funny bone. She loves to laugh, who better to laugh with than with the man who she comes home to

10. She wants to commit to a man who is going to be dependable and easy to do teamwork with

11. She wants to invest time in a man who is not going to waste her time. Her marriage to him should be worth it

12.She wants to open her mouth to speak to a man who will listen to her and value her opinion. Marriage can be a prison when your spouse works hard to silence your voice

13. She wants to share the same marriage bed with the man who respects her, the man she trusts, the man who will protect her; not a foolish man who will beat her or make her feel defensive and scared

14. She wants to wear the wedding ring of the man she is proud of

15. She wants to live with a man who will kiss and touch her. Her lips and body belong to no other man, so he better make good use of them

16. She wants a man who needs God. Life has taught her that she is nothing without God, and so her marriage will be nothing without God. She wants a man submitted to God, a man who will love her knowing God is watching, a man she will chase after God’s own heart with

17. She wants to give forever to the man that will give his forever to her

So man, before you ask her to be your wife; think seriously about what you are asking her. This is nothing to take lightly. If you will not love her as your wife, then don’t make her your wife; step away and let her be found by a man who is willing and capable. If you want to be that man, then man up; see how special she is.

Dear husband who has already married a woman, remember the weight of your vows, the seriousness of her choosing to be your wife. Love the woman you married.

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