#FindOfTheWeek: The ultimate accessory that every travel junkie needs

If you are utterly consumed by wanderlust and constantly find yourself unpacking your suitcase only to pack it up ready for your next destination, then you’ve probably run into this little snag at some point in your travels: overweight baggage.

Even with countless trips under your belt, it can sometimes get tricky trying to get the exact kilo restrictions, especially when you’ve blown your budget on shopping and stuffed your bag full of new goodies! And one thing’s for sure, the airline’s punitive fees will quickly put a dampen on your trip especially if you weren’t anticipating spending KES20,000 over a couple extra kilos.

But this Amazon best seller might just be exactly what you need – especially given the thousands of customer reviews all praising it for its accuracy, longevity and durability. The Etekcity’s digital luggage weight scale goes for Sh1,200 ($12) and can weigh bags up to 50kgs within a 0.05kg accuracy!

To use it, all you have to do is hook your luggage onto the nylon strap and the scale will display results within seconds. It’s simple, easy to use and portable, making it the perfect addition to your travel adventures.

Happy travels!

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