Buy smaller-sized treats to prevent gaining weight




by Shenrina Badri

Buying smaller-sized treats could definitely help to prevent you from gaining weight …

When purchasing treats, whether desserts, snacks or even confectionery such as sweets and chocolates, keep a lookout for mini or smaller-sized ones as this will mean you will be a consuming a lesser amount of the product and thus a reduced number of calories. For example, instead of buying a 300 gram slab of chocolate, opt to buy a 75 gram one instead and share it with someone if possible to further reduce your calorie intake.

Make your own smaller-sized treats

If you prefer to make your own desserts or indulgent foods, then consider cutting down on the portion size simply by preparing smaller-sized treats. If this is not possible, simply cut the treat in halves. For example if you cannot find mini pie trays to bake pies in, and only have a standard-sized one – then use it but be sure to cut thinner slices when serving.

Off course, on the odd occasion you may allow yourself to have certain indulgences so do not feel guilty about it. Just remember to get back on track from the next meal or day.


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