Signs You are a Male Chauvinist

1. You think it is OK for you to cheat and flirt with other women, but you do no not tolerate the idea of your woman/wife cheating or flirting with other men.

2. You feel giving dowry is buying you a wife thereby owning her, rather than appreciating her parents.

3. You address your wife as “You woman” with a condescending tone.

4. You feel a woman should be slapped or beaten to teach her a lesson or make her toe the line. To you, she is not worthy of a mature conversation.

5. You feel that feminism is a threat rather than the plight of women trying to correct years of sexist injustice.

6. You are intimidated by a woman’s success, you feel a woman mustn’t earn more than you.

7. You are convinced a man is always right and women don’t know what they are talking about.

8. You intimidate your wife to the point she becomes defensive in her own home or her voice is silenced.

9. You feel you are entitled to pursue your dreams and goals but a woman should shelve hers to take care of you and “your” children.

10. Whether you marry her, when you marry her, or if you keep her in your idea of come we stay is all your choice. You are convinced you have the final say, hers is to just escort you in life.

11. Your woman/wife should tell you where she is at and who she is with but you find it beneath you to be equally accountable to her.

12. You reduce a woman to boobs, butts and thighs; you see her a sex object or a pretty thing to have around that you don’t see the depth of her spirit, mind and heart.

13. You feel there are conversations you can’t have with women, “What do they know?”… you tell your wife “This talk is not for you” when you’re chatting with your “boys”.

14. You would rather educate your boy child than your girl child.

15. During sex, it’s a all about what your wife can do for you; not you both of you enjoying the pleasure.

16. You feel it is not your responsibility to keep the home together, chores are beneath you. When you do any little thing at home, you make a big deal out of it as if you’re doing your wife a favor not realizing the home is the responsibility of both the husband and wife.

17. You give your wife orders instead of lovingly requesting her.

18. You speak to your wife as if she is your employee, not your life partner that you are one with.

19. You see no need to involve your wife in decisions, but you must have a say in hers and your say is final.

20. You interpret the phrase “Head of the family” as a ticket to be a dictator instead of a functioning role of leadership and service.

21. You blow your own trumpet as a man but belittle the woman’s achievements.

22. You don’t consider groping a woman, stalking a woman to her discomfort, using your power to make sexual demands, raping a woman is a big deal.

23. You selfishly take the parts of culture that suit your chauvinistic agenda even if they bring down a woman. Yes gentlemen, alot of the culture some of us proudly subscribe to were started by chauvinistic men who came before us. Just because something has been practiced for years doesn’t mean we blindly continue it. Be your own man, treat the woman as you’d want her to treat you.

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