Give a gift that supports weight loss


By Shenrina Badri

Is your loved one is trying to lose weight, consider giving a gift that supports weight loss …

If you have a loved one who has a birthday or other special occasion around the bend, consider getting them a gift that is related to weight loss or one that will support their efforts – that is, if they are trying to shed some kilograms!

Gifts that support weight loss

Here are some ideas:


Books make a great gift for someone who simply loves to read so purchasing material on weight loss can be an added bonus! Look around for special offers or discounts, for example ‘two books for the price of one’ offers.

Magazine subscription

A weight loss magazine subscription as a gift can make a wonderful surprise for someone, especially since a new copy is delivered to their door for a whole year or more!


Clothing items

Clothing items or attire that make exercising and working out more comfortable will be a gift that is greatly appreciated by many. These items can include running (or other sport) socks and shoes, track pants, shorts, skirts, caps etc.


If your loved one enjoys a specific sport, consider getting them some related equipment that they do not already have, such as a tennis racquet, soccer ball or perhaps a bicycle.

Other exercise related items

You could alternatively purchase other items that may be used when exercising. These may include a sports bag, towel, watch with timer etc.

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