People who drink are likely to live longer


New research shows that people who drink are likely to live longer than those who have never touched a drop of alcohol before.

New research has discovered that those who guzzle down up to three glasses of wine or beer a week reduce their risk of an early death and, in particular, are less likely to die from cancer.

However, scientists have warned that this only applies to light drinkers who don’t go over the recommended alcohol guidelines and have an average of less than a drink a day across their lifetime.

Dr Andrew Kunzmann of Queen’s University Belfast, explained to “Previous studies have consistently found light to moderate drinkers live longer than lifetime teetotallers.

“The lowest risk was apparent in people drinking less than seven alcoholic drinks per week, less than one drink per day – where one drink equates to about the units found in a medium strength bottle of beer – compared to never drinkers or heavier drinkers.”

Despite his findings, Dr Kunzmann did admit that people should approach the results of the study with caution.

He said: “We urge caution in interpreting the results comparing light drinkers to lifetime teetotallers, though, as the reasons for the reduced risk of cancer or early death in light drinkers are still being debated by scientists.

“It has been suggested light drinking may have beneficial effects on heart health, though this has not yet been proven.”

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