Sarah Jessica Parker reflects on Sex and the City’s 20th anniversary

Sarah Jessica Parker can’t believe it’s been 20 years since ‘Sex and the City’ first aired.

The 53-year-old actress starred in the sitcom as Carrie Bradshaw for six years during its run from 1998 to 2004, and has said it’s “hard to imagine” that the show is still a big hit with fans despite having been off the air for over a decade, and is now celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Speaking during an interview on the ‘Today’ show, Sarah Jessica said: “It’s sort of hard to imagine that 20 or 21 years has passed. But, [there’s been] a lot of great memories and pride in that time spent as well.”

Sarah Jessica starred on the show alongside her on-screen pals Cynthia Nixon, who played Miranda Hobbes, Kristin Davis, who played Charlotte York Goldenblatt, and Kim Cattrall, who starred as Samantha Jones.

The famous foursome also starred in two spin-off movies for the franchise in 2008 and 2010, and were reportedly expected to get together for a third movie before plans were scrapped.

It was reported at the time that the movie had been cancelled because of “diva demands” from Kim Cattrall, and after Sarah Jessica said she was “disappointed” by the production’s cancellation, a feud was sparked between the pair.

However recently, Sarah Jessica insisted their differences are not down to a “catfight”, as she has “never uttered an unkind, unsupportive, unfriendly word”.

She added: “[Cynthia, Kristin, and I] have shared our disappointment that we’re not making that movie, not just on our behalf but our crew, but also just the people that have been vocal about wanting to see it. But we still live in a free country where people get to make choices, and sometimes the answer is ‘no,’ and the only way to respond for me is to respect that. But, no, there is no catfight, there never has been a catfight.

“I’ve never fought with someone publicly in my life, nor would I. And I spent time with all of the women on the set. People need to recall that it wasn’t just two women on the set fighting, because that just never happened. We are enormously proud of what we got to do … We spent 10, 12 years of our life doing something that I really loved and I feel privileged to be part of and I don’t want this to eclipse it or change its experience for that audience that was so good to us for so long.”

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