A look at the M.A.C x Aaliyah makeup collection


M.A.C has been known to create some really exciting collections so it’s no surprise that their next launch is going to be one for the books.

The highly anticipated M.A.C x Aaliyah collection is set to launch online June 20 adding to the already popular line of launches. It will launch internationally in July.

Aaliyah’s older brother, Rashad Houghton, worked closely with M.A.C to create this collection as a way to honour the music legend. In a statement to Popsugar, he said, “we, along with the MAC team, made sure that every aspect, every shade, every color was something that the fans would love. The whole line is dedicated to the fans, because that’s what my sister would want.”

The 12-piece collection includes a bronzing powder, an eye shadow palette, four lip glosses, two lip liners and four lipsticks, all of which are carried in glossy, burgundy packaging.

The shades in the collection possess a duality that’s both moody yet light; street but sweet.

In the past, the mega beauty brand has had some wildly successful creative partnerships with the likes of music legends such as Mariah Carey, social media icons like Patrick Starr and even pop culture references such as The Simpsons. There’s no doubt that this collection is set to honour Aaliyah’s memory and keep her spirit very much alive, 17 years after her passing.

Take a look at the full collection below:

MAC x Aaliyah Lipstick in Try Again ($19)
MAC x Aaliyah Lipstick in Street Thing ($19)
MAC x Aaliyah Lipstick in More Than a Woman ($19)
MAC x Aaliyah Lipstick in Hot Like. . . ($19)
MAC x Aaliyah Lipgloss in Li Lil’s Motor City ($18)
MAC x Aaliyah Lipglass in At Your Best You Are . . . ($18)
MAC x Aaliyah Lipglass in Brooklyn Born ($18)
MAC x Aaliyah Lipglass in 1 in a Million ($18)
MAC x Aaliyah Lip Pencil in Nevermore ($18)
MAC x Aaliyah Lip Pencil in Follow Your Heart ($18)
MAC x Aaliyah Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number Eye Shadow Palette ($32)
MAC x Aaliyah Bronzing Powder in Baby Girl ($28)
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