7 Misconceptions About Men

1. “Men think of sex all the time”

No human mind can think of sex all the time, it will get bored and empty. God has given us a lot to think of and stimulate our mind. Yes, it is easy for a man to be sexually aroused but men have other things on their mind.

2. “Men don’t cry”

It is difficult to see a man’s tears. But even if tears are not seen, a man can cry on the  inside. That inner, tear-less cry can come out of frustration, anger, or disappointment and a wise man channels that inner cry into positive action. For a man to cry on the inside or with visible tears, know that something major has happened. Lady, your man needs you to understand his struggles; as much as you expect him to be there for you, he needs you.

3. “Men can’t express their feelings”

Men have walls around their feelings built by bricks of ego and cemented by the fear of rejection. But if a woman can prove to a man he can trust her, she will cover him, and she will not expose his vulnerable side to anyone else; he will let her in where no one else has ever been, he will bring down the ego-fearful walls and express his feelings. A heart is a heart whether male or female, both man and woman bow to the power of love.

4. “Spirituality is not for men”

Society has wrongly misled some to think it is unmanly to give yourself to God, to surrender and be broken before God, that it is a woman’s thing to pray in the family, to be so devoted. But nothing could be further from the truth. God is not a respecter of persons or gender. A real man surrenders himself to God without reservation. He seeks God’s face like Moses, obeys like Abraham, praises God like David, walks with God like Enoch, prays like Elijah, submits like Paul.


5. “Pink is not a manly color’

Many men look good and masculine in pink. Pink is just a color like any other, though every man has colors of preference; for some, pink is one of them, others no. Lady, if your man likes the color pink, buy him that pink tie or shirt.

6. “Men are intimidated by successful women”

Only weak and insecure men are intimidated by successful and progressive women. They react on this intimidation by insulting the women, inhibiting and putting shackles and limits on the women, they are afraid to date successful women. But a mature man is secure, he celebrates progress and the strength of a woman. A mature man sure of his identity cheers the success of his wife.

7. “All men are dogs”

It is a lie that there are no good men. That all men cheat and are dogs. There are many good men who are single, many good men who are loving their woman right, many good men faithful to their wife and family. It is just that in this sensational world, we notice more the bad and use the bad to bash on the good.

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