10 Things a Spouse /Partner Should be

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1. “Your diary”

Your spouse should be the custodian of your secrets, thoughts and personal stories. The person you narrate to how your day has been.

2. ” Your sex symbol”

Your spouse should be your kind of sexy. The kind who turns you on easily, knows exactly what to say and do to arouse you. The one who heats you up that you have no time to desire others.

3. “Your prayer partner”

Your love should be a threesome; you, your spouse and God. Your spouse should be the person you can easily tell your prayer requests, one who holds you in prayer even without you asking, one who effortlessly joins you in prayer.

4. “A comedian”

Laughter is good for the heart. Your spouse should make you laugh and smile, crack jokes, send you funny videos, dance funny just to make you smile. Be your clown.

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5. “A tease”

Your spouse should exercise power over your desire. Tease you with a kiss. Dress provocatively just for you. Arouse your imaginations. Flirt. Attempt to kiss you but not kiss you. Turn you on but leave you high and dry wanting more sometimes.

6. “Your best friend”

Your spouse should give you space to be social with others. Space to have friends. But of all your friends, your spouse must come number one. Your spouse should not just be the one to tell sweet and romantic things but a best friend to be real with.

7. “A hugging partner”

Humans show love and care through touch and a warm meeting of bodies. Your spouse should be one to run to for a hug anytime. One who holds you. One who can give you a shoulder to lean on for a reason or no reason at all.

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8. “Your biggest fan”

Your spouse should be one who believes in you, encourages you when you are down. In the pursuit of your dreams, your spouse should be your most unwavering support system.

9. “Your honest critic”

Your spouse should build you by confronting you when you stray, speaking reason to you when you are negative, warning you when you are going the wrong way, and challenging you when you are mediocre. Constructive criticism is an act of love.

10. “Your protector”

Your spouse should defend you when your name is attacked whether in your presence or away from your presence. You should feel safe knowing your spouse has your back and best interest at heart.

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