The 12 Don’ts of Relationships

unhappy couple

1. Don’t wait until your marriage is at the verge of collapsing for you to desperately put effort to save your marriage; put effort in your marriage every day, even when things are good.

2. Don’t wait until the public starts celebrating your spouse for you to start being proud of your spouse. Believe in your spouse even when others don’t/ before even others do.

3. Don’t wait until your spouse is sick (God forbid) for you to start showing care towards your spouse; care for your spouse even when your spouse is healthy and needs you less.

4. Don’t wait until your spouse complains for you to start pleasing your spouse; willingly please your spouse so that your spouse will have no reason to complain.

5. Gentleman, don’t wait for her to ask you where are you two heading for you to start talking about a joint future; constantly show leadership, you be the one to start the future conversation.

6. Don’t wait until things get bad in your marriage for you to start praying; pray for your marriage daily, use prayer more to fireproof than to firefight.

7. Don’t wait for your spouse to tell you what you did wrong; apologize even before your spouse corrects you, maturity is owning up to your wrong.

8. Don’t wait until your family is in financial problems in order to come up with a financial plan; have a plan even when money is in plenty. Don’t be a victim of circumstance, determine the circumstance your family grows in.

9. Don’t wait for others to tell you how great a spouse you have for you to start valuing your spouse; see the worth of your spouse out of your own private eyes not through public opinion.

10. Lady, don’t wait until your marriage is under threat for you to start treating him like a King and for you to be warm towards him; daily attract him to you by speaking with love and being an oasis of peace to him.

11. Don’t wait until your spouse has given up on you two for you to start paying attention to your spouse and making your spouse laugh, happy and taking your spouse out on a date – forced romance will not be well received. Take care of your spouse’s heart daily so that thoughts of quitting never arise. Preserve the heat and chemistry between you two because when it is gone, it is hard to get it back.

12. Don’t wait until it’s too late for you to start doing what is right. Often times we know what good we need to do but we don’t do it, until a crisis, disaster or scare happens. Love shouldn’t be an emergency; love should be an everyday practice. Don’t let a crisis, a disaster or a scare push you to treat your spouse well. Treat your spouse well daily because you love your spouse.

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