19 Things Single People Want Married People to Know

1. Leave us alone. Focus on your marriage and stop flirting with us and pursuing us on inbox.

2. Stop talking down on us as if you are our superiors or better than us simply because you are married.

3. Listen to our thoughts on marriage. Sometimes single people can see something about marriage that married people don’t

4. Stop forcing us to copy your love story. Let us learn from your principles but we can defer in pattern.

5. Don’t be scared of us. We are not a threat to your marriage.

6. Don’t judge some of us if we choose to be single. Marriage isn’t all there is in life.

7. We need you to be good examples of how marriage looks like.

8. Sometimes we see you messing up your marriages because of pride and we wonder if you truly want to make your marriages work.

9. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you don’t keep yourself well-groomed and stylish.

10. We are happy for you but stop acting like marriage is an achievement.

11. Stop mocking the ones whose marriage didn’t work out and got divorced, simply because yours still stands. Be gracious.

12. We see some of you suffering so much in marriage, beaten up, insulted, stressed and even killed that we wonder whether marriage is worth it. We fear for your life.

13. Check up on us once in a while. Though you’re married, you still need friends.

14. We will struggle to respect your marriage if you don’t respect it in the first place.

15. We can tell when things are not well between you and your spouse, we just choose to mind our own business.

16. We see some of you taking your good spouses for granted and we wish you only knew how good you have it.

17. We hope your home is warm because you’re blessed to have someone, we go home to be alone.

18. We don’t mind you displaying your love to us in public. If we had someone, we’d love them in private and in public.

19. Are you single or married? Please make up your mind and act like a family person.

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