The Kind of Man a Grown Woman Loves to Talk to

1. One whose conversations is not always about sex.

2. One who even when he talks about sex, he talks about it in a special way, not like a pervert and flirting with other ladies.

3. One who doesn’t brag about his achievements.

4. One who keeps looking for her and showing interest in her.

5. One who lets her speak and doesn’t silence her voice, not always about what he has to say.

6. One who is peaceful and controls his temper.

7. One who doesn’t speak to her as if she is inferior nor is he a sexist.

8. One who not only respects her but respects other ladies too.

9. One who asks questions not to interrogate her but to study her and better love her.

10. One whose focus is her, not her being a number in a list of many.

11. One who asks how her day has been.

12. One who is consistent, not only remembering her when he is horny, bored or in need of money.

13. One who is honest even if the truth is difficult. She doesn’t want to be pampered with lies.

14. One who easily forgives her and understands her weaknesses.

15. One who is humble enough to ask for forgiveness because he understands he can fall short.

16. One who cares about her feelings and protects her heart.

17. One who pays attention to what she says and remembers what she says.

18. One who corrects her and inspires her to be better.

19. One who seeks her advice because her opinion matters to him.

20. One who doesn’t struggle alone but asks for her help even when he can do it without her, it shows that he needs her. He allows her to be love to him.

21. One who means his words and keeps his promises.

22. One who explains himself when he can’t keep his promises as desired.

23. One who gives clarity and security, he lets her know her place in his life, no grey areas. He is clear about his commitment to her.

24. One who is accountable to her, he keeps her in the know of his daily life.

25. One who prays with her.

26. One who has a sense of humor and makes her smile.

27. One who gives solutions, allays her fears and gives his shoulder for her to lean on; there for her.

28. One who respects and loves her in private and in public.

29. One who understands that women interpret love through conversations and time spent; talking to her in the right way and tone makes her feel loved.

When a woman feels loved, she glows and gives the man her best. Gentlemen, it is in your best interest to invest in good communication with your special lady.

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