23 Sex Rules for Couples

1. Do not have sex with another.

2. Do not flirt with another because that is how unfaithfulness begins.

3. Do not fake orgasms. Don’t lie to me that I am good in bed, give me a chance to do you better to take you there.

4. Do not insist on having sex with me if you don’t take care of my heart. Sex begins by how you treat me when we have clothes on.

5. Do not masturbate yet you have me. Make use of me.

6. As you expect me to do stuff on you, do stuff on me too.

7. Do not go around telling your friends about our sex life whether it is great or average. Keep it special. Keep it between us.

8. Do observe hygiene. Take showers, smell good, get rid of odour, make use of body sprays, do not repeat underwear. Cleanliness adds to the sexiness.

9. Have an affair with me. Yes, be naughty, kinky, daring with me.

10. Kiss me anytime. You don’t need my permission.

11. When you want sex, ask from me. Touch me where you know I get fired up. You need it I got it.

12. Explore my body. Do not copy paste what you read in magazines on me. I am unique. Study me.

13. Send me naughty messages on the phone, when we chat. I like it.

14. Do not fuel your lust for another.

15. Keep no secrets from me. Affairs thrive on secrets.

16. Let me know your close friends, especially those of the opposite gender. Don’t get yourself in private and secluded places with them.

17. Do not use your phone to entertain improper chats and threats to our marriage bed. Keep our marriage bed honourable.

18. Do not go to places where you will get tempted to fall.

19. Let us not hide our issues behind sex. There is more to our marriage than sex.

20. Tell me what sexual stuff you want me to do for you. Your wish is my command.

21. Do not hold back your sexiness or think sex is evil. Give me all your pleasure.

22. Dress up for sex. Wear sensual lingerie and attractive underwear.

23. Let’s not call it sex, let’s call it love making. That way, we are reminded it is all about intimacy, not orgasms.

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