Celebs who’ve been married the most


(by Debbie Harrower)

Even though Kim Kardashian is on husband number three, she is still a couple of weddings behind many other celebrities …

Multiple marriages

I have always thought that one failed marriage can be put down to bad judgement, being too young or in a rush, a partner cheating – the list of reasons goes on and on.

But, when a person gets to their third or fourth failed marriage, don’t they become the common denominator? Aren’t they the real reason why their marriages fail every.single.time?

What else could it be?

Can one person really be so unlucky in love that they end up marrying so many times?

Although Kim Kardashian is currently on her third marriage, she’s still a few weddings behind many other stars.

Take a look through our gallery of celebrities who’ve been married multiple times …

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Coming first with eight marriages each:

*Larry King

*Elizabeth Taylor

Six marriages:

*Billy Bob Thornton

*Rue McClanahan


Four marriages:

*Pamela Anderson

*Christie Brinkley

*Geena Davis

Joining Kim K in the three marriages department:

*Jennifer Lopez

*Tom Cruise

*Halle Berry

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