What to wear for Kenyans attending the virtual Royal Wedding in Kenya

By Eunice Chege

There is a whole lot of hullabaloo in the World as we are only two days away from the royal wedding. Prince Harry is set to marry Meghan Markle in one of the most anticipated weddings in recent times. The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is due to take place on 19 May 2018 at Windsor Castle in England. The groom, Prince Harry, is a member of the British royal family while as the bride, Meghan Markle, is an American actress who won the hearts of many in the television series, Suits.

Kenyans have not been left behind and several establishments are hosting live viewing offering different perks including the high tea, Prosecco and a helicopter ride to Mt. Kenya. There are people who will part with Kes 1 Million at a popular establishment that has left many curious to know who will attend. The dress code for some of these events is: “Royal Flair” “Dress like Royalty” “finest wedding guest attire” and “Elegance Redefined”.

Since some Kenyans will attend these events, it is important to adhere to the set dress code. You may not be in England, but enjoy dressing up for this very special ceremony. Below are the Dos and Don’ts to be followed:

Do not wear black

Unless you are going for a funeral, the British generally do not wear black for a wedding. A dark colour like Navy Blue such as what Victoria Beckham wore at Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding will do.

Accesorize with a Hat or Fascinator

In England, one of the most important accessories is a hat or fascinator. Louise Green, a British milliner said, “Whether you start with the hat and then buy the outfit, or buy the outfit and then buy the hat, you have to have a hat. You can’t go to the royal wedding without a hat.” In the past royal weddings, many ladies were spotted wearing fascinators. A fascinator is a small hat or head piece that is affixed to the head either with a headband or a comb or elastic, and it covers part of the head whereas a hat covers the full head. You are allowed to be as fancy as possible with the hat or fascinator.

Decent Dressing

Royal weddings are conservative when it comes to dressing. All outfits must be on the traditional side and cover your shoulders. There is no place for short dresses that are above the knee. No showing off too much leg. Definitely no exposing your cleavage.

The Queen hates Wedges; Don’t wear them

Queen Elizabeth is said to not be a fan of the chunky footwear. No one wears them around her. You will not see anyone wearing them during the royal weddings. I know you are not in England but if you are attending any of the events, well assume you are in England.

Women should wear tights

We like to call them stockings or pantyhose. Another one of Queen Elizabeth’s rules is that a royal must never be without their nude stockings. If you are not wearing a long dress, put on some tights.

Men must be in a Suit

Men can wear “morning dress” attire which means that most will be suited in a morning coat, waist coat, tie and striped trousers. Additionally, male attendees can also opt for a “lounge suit,” which is a basic suit.

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