Rihanna unveils new Fenty Beauty range

Rihanna took to Instagram to unveil her new Beach Please collection for Fenty Beauty just in time for summer.

Rihanna has unveiled her summer Fenty Beauty collection.

The 30-year-old singer took to Instagram to give excited fans a look at her upcoming collection – playfully titled Beach Please – which aims to get women ready for summer with bold colours and shimmery finishes and is released worldwide on May 21.

She wrote: “The rest of the #BEACHPLEASE collection drops on May 21st! #KILLAWATTFOILS, and limited edition lip luminizers and eye shimmers! Aooooww [sic]”

Rihanna fans are now able to recreate her look with the metallic pink Lip Luminizer and the marigold / fuchsia shade of highlighter she used in the video.

Other products from the daring collection include two dual-ended liquid eye shimmers called Island Bling – referencing her Caribbean roots – as well as six new lip luminizers which come in sets of three, and three new foil shades of the popular Killawatt highlighters in unconventional colours such as mint green.

There will also be new holographic lip glosses in metallic shades plus eyeshadow in muted jewel tones such as shades of mocha, rose and pearl.

The campaign images also feature the Fenty body Lava and Fairy Puff – which were released ahead of the new collection – because they can be used to fake a summer glow and Rihanna previously spoke about her nostalgic inspiration behind the products.

She explained: “Inspiration behind the body lava for me, I always used to go to the Caribbean, in Barbados where I am from, and every time I would sit there and [mix] body glitter makeup with oil and [eye] shadows I crushed up and pigments and I would just blend it all up to make this glowy thing and I’d have to keep it in a plastic cup the whole trip. I always thought I could never find the perfect body makeup so I made my lava, and it is glorious.”

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