5 Reasons to add Essential Oils to your beauty routine

Although popularized in the recent past, essential oils have swept the beauty world off its feet with amazing benefits for both skin and hair. Most importantly, these ointments are 100% natural and their methods of production do not alter their chemical composition. As the beauty world continues to revolutionize, majority of informed buyers are substituting contemporary personal care and beauty products with natural organic products (such as essential oils) to improve their appearance and battle the challenges that come with chemically contaminated products. All in all, such drastic decisions should be made from a point of vast knowledge and understanding. Accordingly, we analyze some important reasons for incorporating essential oils in a beauty care routine.

There is an essential oil for each skin type: When it comes to essential oils, it does not matter whether you have oily, normal or dry skin. There is something for every skin type and at least three essential oils can work with any skin type. The essential oils that are commonly used for oily skin are citrus-based. They include: Bergamot, orange, lemon, and lime essential oils. However, geranium, lavender, and cypress oils can also reduce skin oiliness. Individuals with dry skin type should consider sandalwood, Roman chamomile, geranium, and cedar wood essential oils.

Moisturizaton: Essential oils are excellent moisturizers for both hair and skin. Besides, enriching the skin with extra moisture, most of them offer anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antifungal, and antioxidant benefits. However, they should be used with a carrier oil because of high concentration levels.

Acne and blemishes treatment: If your skin is prone to breaking out and spotting, you can never go wrong with essential oils. Their soothing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antifungal properties help eliminate acne pimples and sooth broken skin. Others reduce the appearance of blemishes by evening out the skin tone.

Anti-aging benefits: Essential oils become a true buddy when your skin loses some life. Their antioxidant properties facilitate skin regeneration thereby creating a youthful glow. Furthermore, there are some essential oils that offer sunscreen benefits.

Hair and scalp nourishment: Essential oils are used to treat scalp itchiness and flakiness. They nourish the scalp by eliminating dandruff, dirt, and accumulated oils that clog scalp pores. Lastly, they improve hair texture and appearance. Whereas some enhance smoothness, others add color and radiance.


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