The difference between real Love and a Crush

Do you know the difference between having a crush on someone and loving someone for real? Well, Dayan Masinde let’s you know the clear difference between the two.


1. In a crush you will be attracted to someone because of one or two things; that person’s smile, eyes, height, ass, boobs, abs, fame, physique, voice. But love will make you attracted to the person as a whole package, them as a person.

2. In a crush you will be under duress to impress, you will put only your best foot forward, show a “perfect” you, you will wear clothes you don’t wear, do things you don’t do, go to any length to impress even tell lies. But love will allow you to be you approaching the person as you are saying “This is who I am, take it or leave it”

3. In a crush you will talk about sweet nothings, matters of the surface. But love will give you two a chance to talk about real things, go deep, find true intimacy.

4. In a crush you will hurry because you are lost in the excitement of now. But love will keep cool, take time, build, grow from one simple stage to the next, brick by brick; love plans a future it doesn’t rush to it.

5. In a crush you will feel “It’s us against the world”, you will forget the other people in your life and focus on just each other, it will choke your social life. But love brings you two closer and also retains the closeness of your other relationships, love wins over your friends and family to support you two.

6. A crush says “If you love me have sex with me”. But love respects sex, gives sex its matured respect, doesn’t use sex for manipulation or use sex to prove the existence of love.

7. In a crush you get scared at the thought of a disagreement between you two, you avoid a confrontation. But love appreciates that there will be times you two won’t agree, times you might argue or have friction between you two but that doesn’t mean what you two have is coming to an end; you correct and critic each other to be better.

8. In a crush you want to run and tell people about what you two do, you kiss and tell. But love keeps private things between you two, it makes you tell each other things no one should hear.


9. In a crush you become easily jealous and insecure when the person you have a crush on takes long to reply your messages, when the person becomes unreachable for a while you panic and become insecure, you see everyone as a threat. But love makes you secure, peaceful and safe; love brings about trust.

10. A crush doesn’t last, soon its excitement fades, the feelings reach a high and fizzle out and you are on to the next thrilling crush. But love lasts, because it is not based on feelings alone but connection, chemistry, responsibility to each other, sincerity, understanding, companionship and loyalty.

Don’t commit to someone or marry someone because you have a crush on the person; but because of love!

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