14-Day slimmer legs fitness challenge

slim legs 14 days


by Melanie Chisnall


Want to slim your legs in time for those summer dress and beach days? Try this 14-day home legs challenge!

Two-week leg-toning challenge

We had such an overwhelming response to the 30-day abs challenge, that we’ve put together another one – a two-week challenge for slimmer legs!

  • Want to tone your legs in time for those skirt or beach days?
  • Need a little motivation to get started?
  • Thrive on challenges?

Then this is the challenge for you!

How it works

  1. The challenge consists of 14 days, which includes four rest days.
  2. Each day has a programme of four circuit exercises with an added cardio component.
  3. Follow the training schedule at the bottom right of the image below and repeat the moves as indicated at the bottom of each workout list.

Grab a buddy and do the challenge together to stay motivated during the two weeks.

Important: Remember to keep hydrated with water during the exercises, to warm-up before each workout, and to stretch properly at the end of every workout.