Poor diet delays pregnancy, curbs fertility: study

Women who shun fruit or eat lots of fast food take longer to get pregnant and are less likely to conceive within a year, according to a study released Thursday.

A nearly no-fruit diet compared to one loaded with three or more pieces per day added about two weeks, on average, to the time of conception, researchers reported in the peer-reviewed journal Human Reproduction.

And women who consumed fast foods such as burgers, pizza and deep-fried chicken four or more times a week compared to those who never or rarely touched the stuff took an extra month to become pregnant.

“These findings show that eating a good quality diet that includes fruits and minimising fast food consumption improves fertility and reduces the time it takes to get pregnant,” said lead researcher Claire Robers, a professor at the University of Adelaide in Australia.

Earlier research on food and pregnancy has focused mostly on the diet of women diagnosed with, or receiving treatment for, infertility. The impact of maternal diet before conception among women more generally has received scant scientific attention.

To help fill that gap, Roberts and a dozen colleagues in Australia, Britain and New Zealand combed through data gathered through questionnaires by midwives between 2004 and 2011 in all three countries for the Screening for Pregnancy Endpoints (SCOPE) survey.

Detailed answers given by nearly 5600 women in the early phase of pregnancy focused on what they ate in the months preceeding conception.

All of the women were first-time mothers, and only a relative handful — 340 — had received any kind of fertility treatment before becoming pregnant.

The results showed a clear link between the avoidance of fruits or a fondness for fast-food fare, on the one hand, and a longer “time-to-pregnancy” or higher risk of infertility, on the other.

At the extremes, for example, lots of fast food as opposed to none at all increased the risk of not becoming pregnant by 41 percent.

“We recommend that women who want to become pregnant should align their dietary intakes toward national dietary recommendations for pregnancy,” said lead author Jessica Grieger, a researchers at the University of Adelaide.

The results were adjusted to take into account the potentially adverse impact on fertility of advanced maternal age, obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption.

Information about the diet of the fathers was not collected.

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  1. palmax June 3rd, 2013 at 4:26 pm

    So what devolution were we talking about then, if we will still have DC and DOs? clearly Jubillee is ant-devolution.

    1. Gabby June 3rd, 2013 at 7:15 pm

      One example: Scotland is devolved but their MPs sit at the Commons pushing their agenda from Westminster in London! Devotion is NOT separation!!

  2. Greenmarshmarrows June 3rd, 2013 at 4:38 pm

    I think the president is correct. But he has not explained this issue to satisfaction. As i understand it, the central government has a right to create specific posts that will allow it perform its mandate. However, the commissioners are not there to supervise the governor. Their most important role is to take care of intelligence and security issues. A governor is elected on a party ticket and he cannot be expected to be impartial. We therefore do not expect the intelligence machinery to be conducting briefs to the governors. The commissioners are the right people to handle national security. My take

  3. Kwessi Pratt June 3rd, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    I hold the view that provincial administration is pretty essential to this country. Governors, who are now interested parties in their respective areas, cant be expected to hold the country together. Some of them are already engaging in anti-state activities. I guess, thats why illegal currencies are founding themselves in our midst! Anything that resembles currency and not authorized government, can only be associated with treason. Its therefore extremely important, for purposes of smooth running of government affairs and security issues, to maintain provincial administration. Already their uncertain future have seen upsurge of insecurity. That has been happening while governors plus their respective county assemblies are only fighting for offices, flags and other piteous things. Devolved government didnt mean seperation at all. But individuals coming from defeated parties in presidential election want to push their luck too far. Devolution didnt mean absence of central government in counties. It only meant resources from central kitty will be availed to county leaders. This other idea of pushing for more power should not be on the cards, otherwise insecurity might overwhelm us in the process.

    1. Gabby June 3rd, 2013 at 7:24 pm

      Agreed! As an example, a ruling coalition ‘big-shot’ would find it hard to buy 10 acres and get a Title Deed in an ‘opposition’ county if the Governors also perform state duties. Amongst these are Birth Certificates, Passports issuance etc. Just think of it; a frontier county (near Somalia/ Ethiopia) governor figures of he issues many IDs to refugees he will win the election……. Why will he not tramp over a central government official trying to do the registration the right way? That may also work both ways but there is one who is trying to cut across partisanship!


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