10 Simple ideas for keeping clothes fresh and clean



By Lyndy Mansfield


Keeping your wardrobe in a good condition all year round will be easier when you read these few cheap and easy tips.

1. Wear new leather jackets in the rain! Water will soften the leather and you will find that it will fit comfortably into your natural contours.

2. Keep a can of hairspray handy. It will remove lipstick stains. If you find your husband borrowing it, go check his collars! (Joke)

3. Your dark jeans will keep their colour better if you wash them inside out and add half a cup of distilled vinegar to the final rinse. Ordinary white vinegar is OK.

4. Stubs of your candles are good to run up and down your zips to keep them running smoothly and rust free.

5. If you are lucky enough to have cashmere jersey, always wash it gently in a little tepid water and Woolite. Rinse and put it in a salad spinner to remove the surplus water. Dry flat on an absorbent towel out of the sun.

6. Shaving cream on a damp washcloth will remove make-up stains, like liquid foundation, from your clothing.

7. White wine removes red wine stains.

8. A blob of clear nail polish on the holes of all buttons will stop the cotton from unravelling just when you need it least!

9. Take the lid off your empty perfume bottle and tuck the bottle among your undies. I do this with any fancywrapped soap too. It leaves lovely wafts of perfume.

10. Angora and mohair items are inclined to shed. Put the folded item in a ziplock bag and leave in the freezer for three to four hours.

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