How to fill your life with more energy


If you feel tired, lethargic and have a lack of energy you may want to try out the following.

Surround yourself with warm colours

Surrounding yourself with warm colours such as yellow, orange and peach may help send impulses to your brain that may boost your energy. You could have a bunch of colourful flowers in the room, a colourful poster on your wall or even a lovely table cloth. Be creative and enjoy the beautiful appearance of warm colours!

Enjoy natural scents

Natural scents (that have a pleasant aroma) given off by fruits and plants can be an excellent way to trigger the nerves in your body that cause wakefulness. Try keeping a large bowl filled with citrus fruits such as oranges or even lemons on your table. Alternatively get a mint plant and enjoy the aroma it gives off.

Cut out unwanted sounds

Are you often in an area where you are exposed to a high degree of noise or sounds that disturb you? Does it make you feel irritable and drained? The solution is simple! Wear earplugs or headphones. Even better, play music with gentle and calming rhythms!

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