5 Really good reasons to eat fewer animal products



3. When we began to eat meat it was out of necessity

Humans – or our ancestors – began eating meat after the ice age (or the flood – depending on your worldview) because the plants had all died. There were some surviving animals and some freshly preserved dead ones – our ONLY source of food at the time.

In our hunter-gatherer days (when we moved to actually chasing and killing animals) we would have been successful at maybe 10% of our hunts. So, we’d have maybe one meat meal per week if we were lucky.

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4. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of world hunger, global warming and the destruction of the environment

Yes, this is the truth.

Because we demand meat on our table, the animal agriculture industry is destroying the rainforests to put cattle on the land or grow more food for the cattle.

We feed 50% of the food in the world to animals which a few of us will eventually eat, while someone dies of hunger every two seconds.

The cattle we eat use up a huge percentage of the fresh water on earth and produce more greenhouse gas than ALL OF THE TRANSPORTATION ON EARTH COMBINED.

Why don’t you know about this? Money.

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5. You don’t even like meat anyway

Slap a raw dead rabbit on your plate for dinner, fur and all. How do you like it? Heck, cook it up and eat it just like that. Nice?

We hang up our meat and let it rot a bit, then season and flavour it so it has a good taste. Then we add other foods for taste and texture like veggies and grains. Do you REALLY like that steak, or is it the sauce, spice and vegetables you enjoy?

Do you REALLY like that steak, or is it the sauce, spice and vegetables you enjoy?

Again, I’m not saying you need to give up eating meat.

But if you want to eat like a human being is meant to, and lessen your impact on the planet, then you probably need to eat MUCH less meat and animal products. You’ll be healthier and lose weight too, because your body will begin to get what it really wants and needs.

Plus it’s cheaper.

Do your own research. Apply your mind in a rational, unbiased manner and see what you come up with.

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