The Benefits of Showering with Your Partner

1. Some of the most intimate conversations happen in the shower or bath tub.

2. It helps you two relax. The more relaxing things you do, the more comfortable you two will be with each other, the deeper your connection will be.

3. You can get to make love, thereby spicing up your sex life.

4. You get to study each other’s body and praise it. This is especially important for the woman because she can easily be conscious about her body. When she is free enough to be naked with her hubby even when they are not making love, it will make her feel more attractive. It shouldn’t be that the only time

your spouse sees you naked is during sex.

5. You get to wash each other’s hard to reach places.

6. It is a perfect set-up for kissing.

7. You get to focus on each other.

8. You get to learn to take care of each other. Scrubbing each other, soaping each other, rinsing each other, drying each other with a towel.

9. After the shower or bath you get to oil each other. The skin loves to be touched. People whose skin gets to be massaged and touched by hands of love smile more, glow more and feel good through out the day. If you notice your spouse is moody or irritable, your spouse is under-touched. Give him/her some touch sensations.

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