How Lovers Can Prevent Themselves From Drifting Apart

You have a good love and you want it to last, here are tips from Dayan Masinde on how couples can keep that good love.

1. “Talk daily”

Everyone must talk daily, if your lover is not talking to you daily, your lover is talking to someone else or other people and that is dangerous. Don’t let anyone take your position of daily chat mate in your lover’s life.



2. “Know each other’s family and friends”
When his family, her family, his friends and her friends are one big close unit it is difficult to drift apart.

3. “Have fun, laugh together”
People don’t leave an environment that is fun. If you make things between you two boring, always serious and a daunting task; both of you will get tired of each other.

4. “Eat together”
A meal ties people together.



5. “Worship the same God”

It is wonderful when you talk to your lover about how good God is and your lover knows what you mean. When you worship the same God you both have similar values and mindset making it easy to foster unity.

6. “Do things that lovers do”
Kiss, cuddle, hold hands, take showers together, talk intimate stuff exclusively to each other; this tightens your bond.



7. “Declare your love publicly”
When the public knows you two are a couple, much of the public will respect your relationship/marriage making it easier for you to strengthen your love.

8. “Pray together”
A couple that prays together stays together.

9. “Go to the same place of worship”
When you both worship with the same congregation it makes it easy for you two to chart the same course.

10. “Grow together spiritually”
Be of one spirit.



11. “Grow together intellectually”
Advance in the growth of mind, be at the same level so that none feels the other is too underexposed or shallow or too deep and an intellectual brag.

12. “Grow together financially”
Walk as a team, if one has little, support him/her; if you both have few, work together towards increase; if you both have plenty, use your joint wealth to love each other.

13. “Concentrate on what you have in common”
Pay more attention to what makes you alike than what you have different.



14. “Stay sexy”
Be eye candy, a turn on, a sex bomb to each other. Our horny selves like where our fire is lit up to the core. Work on staying attractive, dress right, stay confident, maintain a nice figure.

15. “Flirt exclusively”
Be a naughty flirt, but only to your lover.

16. “Make decisions together”
Develop a habit of running by your options and thoughts to your lover. Involve each other in decision making.

17. “Do that one thing”
Find that one thing that excites both of you, whether dancing, filling crosswords, cooking, singing, doing house chores and do it together.



18. “Do parenting as a team”
Talk to your child/children together, eat as a family, go for parent’s day together, let your children give you reasons to be a strong team.

family car


19. “Support each other”
Be each other’s biggest fan. Know each other’s dreams, have a common vision.

20. “Sacrifice to like what your lover loves”
If your lover loves something that you are not a fan of, be a good sport and just play along. If your lover is a fan of football and you’re not, sacrifice and watch a match together. If your lover loves different types of movies than you, occasionally watch those movies together. If your lover loves salsa and it’s not your thing, still get on the dance floor. If your lover loves to play Play Station or video games, play it too sometimes. If your lover loves to travel more than you, tag along still. Do the things that make your lover happy and as you do them, you will understand your lover more.


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