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Taking stock on Wellness Goals at Devarana Spa | Our2Cents

In a blink of an eye, the second quarter of the year is now upon us. The ladies of Our2Cents shared their goals for 2018 earlier, and one of them was to do better on the wellness front.

From eating better, cooking, to indulging in massages, Sharon and Susan has been putting it all to the test. In today’s episode, the ladies head to Devarana Spa at dusit D2 Nairobi for an unique Ngmab Tamrab treatment.

Devarana Ngmab Tamrab Essence

This unique treatment uses Thai flowers such as Jasmine, Rose and Ylang Ylang with fresh honey. The treatment begins with a 30-minute Thipramjuan Body Scub, which blends Ngmab essence with aromatic flower oils and Thai White Clay that includes Aloe Vera Gel. This refreshing scrub helps to replenish and calm sensitive skin. Then, the experience is followed by a 90-minute oil massage of your choice, which features the scents of Jasmine and Peppermint.

This unique treatment is only available until the end of April 2018, so if you’d like to indulge in this essential summer treatment, make sure to book soon to take advantage of the special offer (KShs 10,500 inclusive of VAT per person and KShs 20,000 per couple). For reservations, please call ext. +254 20 423 3444-445 or +254 787 657 000

dusit D2 Nairobi is located at 14 Riverside Drive in Nairobi, Kenya.

Watch the latest Our2Cents episode here:

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Susan Wong is the Editor of Capital Lifestyle, a resident photographer, an award-winning journalist, radio presenter, full-time adventurer, long-time admirer of anything edible, and a spicy food athlete at Capital FM.

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