How to Pursue Your Wife and Make her Feel Loved

Before marriage, men are hunters; they pursue their woman and make her feel special. But many wives are concerned that after the wedding, men rarely put any effort in the marriage. The hunting stops yet the hunting and pursuit is what makes a woman feel special, like she is a man’s priority and wanted.

Here are simple tips for a husband who wishes to pursue his wife.

1. Tell her “I love you” even when it’s not time to make love. Love should not just be done, it should also be said.

2. Touch her. Hold her waist. Hold her hand. Hold her from behind. Women respond well to touch.

3. Ask her questions. This shows her you are interested. Women love to open up.

4. Do more than she expects. Out do yourself. Go the extra mile. If she asks for help, do more. Without her asking for help, do things for her.

5. Stare at her with wonder or a smile. Women love those “My focus is you” looks.

6. Flirt with her. Send her naughty texts, tell her how horny she makes you.

7. Call her up out of the blue in the middle of the day and have a brief conversation that leaves her smiling.

8. Send her thoughtful text messages.

9. Talk about your love and admiration of her publicly. Brag about her.

10. Compliment her on her beauty, progress, character, success and dressing.

11. Take her out on dates. Yes, date your wife.

12. Call her sweet and affectionate names like “My love”, “Darling”, “My Queen”; not “Woman” or “Mama watoto”.

13. Make sexual advances on her. Grab her butt, stroke her, initiate love making.

14. Buy her gifts.

15. Romance her, charm her. Please her.

16. Remember special dates. Birthdays and Anniversaries.

17. Elevate her above other women. Stay faithful to her.

Why should you do all these things? Well, because you love her and because a woman takes the cue from her man, the more he loves her, the more he inspires her to love him back.

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