Bungee Jumping off Victoria Falls Bridge!

(Eunice Chege)

When you mention adrenalin activities, bungee jumping always makes it to the top of the list. It is an activity that many desire to do but the thought of flirting with death restrains them. Well, my friend and I live on the adage, “You only live once so explore, experiment and enjoy.”

My friend’s brother knew the sense of adventure we had in us and from his constant travels had bungeed at Victoria Falls. He recommended it to us and after a month of planning we were good to go. We traveled by road through Tanzania. After a few days in Lusaka we took a bus to Livingstone.

Unlike the Sagana bungee where you jump off from an elevated cage, the Victoria Falls bungee is done from the Victoria Falls Bridge between the Zambia and Zimbabwe border posts. You jump on the Zambia side and come out the Zimbabwe side.

On arrival in Livingstone, we were received well in the guest house that we had booked and after freshening up took some dinner in readiness for the next day. The reason we had travelled all the way by bus to Zambia.

It was a beautiful morning and after some sumptuous breakfast, we hired a taxi to drive us to the Victoria Falls. We got a guide who took us to the bridge. Before you jump, there is briefing that is done. Our weight was measured to determine the type of rope to be used when we were bungeeing. They actually write your weight on your arm with a marker pen. You are required to state any health conditions that you might have or injuries you might have had in the past. After that you are required to sign that should anything happen to you when doing any of the activities, they will not be held liable.

On the day that we happened to go they were having an offer on 3 activities so instead of just doing the bungee, we opted to do all. The first one we did was Bridge Slide or ziplining where we slid across the Batoka Gorge from the Zambian slide landing on the Victoria Falls Bridge. The view was breathtaking. For this anyone above 6 years old can do it. We then did the Bridge Swing in tandem. My friend and I were harnessed up together on top of the bridge. We were directed to step at the edge of the bridge after being given detailed instructions as one false move by one of us could prove fatal to both. We were to walk off the bridge at exactly the same time on the count of one of the attendants. This is the “leap of faith” where we had to freefall up to 70 metres before flying out over the raging rapids of the Zambezi River with the rumbling mighty waterfalls rumbling by our side.

Then the mother of all activities: the Bungee jump. This is the ultimate thrill and my friend went first as I developed cold feet. The crew first ties you up at the ankles ensuring it is tight and well done. She did it effortlessly and that gave me the courage to also do it. After a proper briefing and checks to see I was properly tied up, I was moved to the edge where they encourage you to look at the horizon because once you look down you might not jump. One is advised to spread out their arms. This is to prevent the cord from getting to your neck when you are jumping as it would mean a quick snap and you are dead. A proper dive is highly encouraged as far as you can as it reduces the chance of injury and makes the jump enjoyable. The crew counted 5-4-3-2-1 BUNGEE and I found myself plummeting towards the rumbling waters of the rapids of the Zambezi River. 111M of pure adrenaline! I have never screamed or called out my mother’s name like I did. Due to the rope being made of elastic, one is flung up and down until the motions stop. It was the scariest thing I ever had to do but the most exhilarating. One of the crew members is then lowered to pick you as you are dangling from the bridge.

This is a must do activity for any adrenaline junkie. Next stop, the 216M plunge at Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa.

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