10 things a lover looks out for before taking things to the next level

10. How you handle correction

Do you get offended when you are faulted? Are you easy to correct? Do you admit when wrong? A lover looking to see if you are a suitable life-partner will look at how you own up to responsibility, how easy you are to work with.


9. How you handle “NO”

Relationships/ marriage is about compromise, not every day you will get everything going your way. Will you be OK to listen to your partner? To cede ground? Will you be OK if your partner says “No” to your option for good reasons? Will you take competition inside the relationship?… If your lover says “No” to your date when you request because of work will you be vexed? If your lover doesn’t pick up your phone call for legitimate reasons, will you be furious for no reason?

8. How you handle failure

Sometimes you will fail, sometimes your lover will fall. If it happens, will you give up on yourself? Will you give up on your lover? Are you easy to discourage? Do you only love when things are going smoothly?


7. How you handle money

Do you look like the type who will be changed when you get more money? Do you judge your partner based on how much he/ she earns? Or do you have a low self-esteem because your partner earns more? Will your partner have to constantly keep reminding you it’s OK if you have less than he/ she does?

6. How you handle your temper

Tempers will flare sometimes, the closer you get to each other the easier it is to step on each other’s nerves? What do you do when you are angry? Do you curse, insult, drown yourself in alcohol, do irrational things?… or do you pray, calm down, seek the route of peace?… Do you avoid issues or are you the type to seek solutions. Everyone wants a partner easy to work and live with.


5. How you handle tragic news

Are you a comforter? Are you able to sooth your lover when your lover is in pain? Do you make your lover feel better? When someone close to your lover dies, do you help in mourning? Or do you expect your lover to comfort you but you fall short when your lover needs your support?…When things tragic happen, do you share with your lover or keep things to yourself? Do you only share the good things?


4. How you handle secrets

Are you trustworthy? Are you easy to talk with? Does your lover feel safe with you? Will you use the secrets your lover tells you as ammunition when you two fight? Can you keep the personal things in your relationship from the public?


3. How you handle your ex

How do you talk about your ex? Does your ex still have an influence in your life? Do you have closure from your past or is there room your past will come to damage your future? Are you wrongly being suspicious of your lover because of the wrongs your ex did?

2. How you handle yourself

Do you have a low self esteem? Are you a pessimist? Are you full of pride? Are you self-centred?… Or do you know yourself? Are you fun to be around? Do you find yourself sexy or do you depend on the opinion of others? How do you handle sex? What’s your view about sex? Are you the type who talks cheaply about sex, a flirt? Are you the type who finds sex to be a taboo? No one likes a boring sex partner who over thinks things. No one likes a loose partner.


1. How you handle children

A lover who is keen on a lasting relationship, marriage will pay attention to how you treat children or how you talk about children. For a man, he will look out for her motherly signs: how does she handle other people’s children and if she is a single mother, how does she handle her own child/ children? For a woman, she will look for a father figure: is the man mature enough to raise someone, does he have qualities of leading, or nurturing?

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