Jay-Z’s daughter told him off for his tone

Jay-Z has admitted his six-year-old daughter Blue Ivy snapped at him because she didn’t like the way he spoke to her.

The 48-year-old rapper has admitted he was over the moon when his six-year-old daughter, whom he has with his wife Beyoncé, snapped at him because he asked her to get in the car so they could go to school in a tone she didn’t particularly like.

Speaking on David Letterman’s new Netflix show ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’, which will air on Friday (06.04.18), he said: “I told her to get in the car the other day because she was asking a thousand questions and we had to leave for school. So we’re driving, and I hear a little voice. ‘Dad?’ I turn around and she said, ‘I didn’t like when you told me to get in the car the way you told me. It hurt my feelings.’ I turned round and said, ‘That’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever said to me.’ ”

This isn’t the first time Blue has implied she runs rings around her famous parents as just a few weeks ago she bid $19,000 for a painting at an auction in Los Angeles.

Video footage showed the youngster raise her paddle to put in her $17,000 bid for the piece of a young Sidney Poitier – and when she was outbid, she raised her bid to $19,000, prompting her dad to try and take away her paddle to prevent any higher bids.

Fortunately for the couple – who also have nine-month-old twins Rumi and Sir – they were saved from having to shell out when Tyler Perry made a winning bid for $20,000.

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