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  • hannah

    Mr. IG sir, improve the force’s ability to investigate (and thoroughly) crimes and you will not need to rely heavily on witnesses. In fact it’s a well known fact that eye witness testimony is unreliable in most instances. Do your part and the public will gladly support you, I think

  • khasandiphyllice

    ati we help you? you must be joking. how can we do so when it is public knowledge that as a witness you become the hunted running for your dear life after the very police reveal your identity to the criminals, some who are the police themselves? clean your house first, bwana Kimaiyo!…………… the way, did i see your name on the Ocampo ll TJRC’s report?

  • Bob

    Kenyans do give information too you Police force but what ends up is they start to run for the dear life because policemen collude with thugs

  • kimendeero

    Mr. Kimaiyo you don’t even have a functioning 999 phone line for people to call the police. How will we provide you with and the rest of the police with information. Send a typed message tied to the nearest tortoise and give it directions? That would be wonderful. The criminals would be shaking in their pants wont’ they? How about when gangs of criminals raid neighbourhoods and kill screaming people for hours. Where are the cops or are they all deaf?

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