3 Ways to beat body odour



by Chantelle Bester

If just the thought of warmer weather is making you break a sweat, bear these tips in mind to stay fresh…

1. Hygiene is key – wash yourself at least once a day. Hair removal is also helpful for many, as odour-causing bacteria may accumulate in hairy areas. It’s a personal choice, but something to consider if odour is a problem.

2. Use an anti-perspirant at night, as this is when they are most effective. If you find the regular variants aren’t effective, pop into your pharmacy and ask which other options they have available.

3. Worrying about body odour can make you sweat more (stress increases sweating) so try to do everything you can to make yourself feel comfortable. Keep a pack of baby wipes and deodorant handy in case you need to refresh, and stick to wearing fabrics that don’t make you feel extra sweaty.

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