The 10 ‘Love laws’ of marriage


by Carmen Harra

What we need to remember is that marriage takes work and we can’t be lazy …

Marriage takes work …

We may be born alone, but as soon as we enter this world we begin to develop relationships with everyone around us: from day one we are nurtured by our parents, taken care of by other family members, and once we grow a conscious mind we begin to pick and choose the relationships we want, like friends and acquaintances and even enemies. The relationships we decide to bring into our lives and how we decide to handle them say everything about us.

Perhaps our most important relationship in life becomes our marriage, because our marriage is our first real foundation for evolution: When we are married, we begin to build. We build a family, financial stability, our own identity, material possessions, etc. But what good does it do to build an empire if its foundations are shaky? It will only fall apart in time.

What we need to remember is that marriage takes work and we can’t be lazy. We have to learn to compromise with our partner when they make a mistake, and not run away because we have no tolerance for error. No one is interchangeable, and when we realize this we can begin to make our marriages everlasting.

The 10 ‘Love laws’ of marriage

1. Never yell at each other.

2.Don’t be angry at the same time. If you have a conflict, let your partner talk and listen to what he or she is saying without letting your emotions take over.

3.Don’t bring up mistakes of the past (like saying: “you always”, “you never”, or “this is just like the time you …”).

4.Don’t judge and don’t criticize. If you must bring a weakness to their attention, do so lovingly.

5.If you say or do something wrong, admit it.

6.Then ask for forgiveness, and mean it.

7.Never go to sleep with unsettled arguments (this is an oldie but a goodie).

8.Say something kind, loving, and complimentary to your partner every day.

9.Sometimes, let your partner win. Don’t be so set on being “right” at the price of your relationship.

10.Express love every day, and allow your partner to give it by receiving it gratefully.

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