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  • gedimuhando

    Oh my GOD!I have known former VP Kalonzo as a practising and saved christian.What happened to him that he involved in this?Could it be he is the only leader TJRC has named?

    • khasandiphyllice

      am sure it is the devil that did that to him

      • Read between lines pal, the devil is in the story!!!!

    • People posessed by the devil and jealousy of Kalonzo’s clean political career wont rest untill they soil him completely. You know devil has a whole world of creating doubts! If the brother former VP only bought property from a genuine owner, how did he become the uprooter? Surely, devil has his own drum of miracles!!!!

  • Most thieves hide in churches while most of magaidis hides… you know

    • If you insult God be sure to face the consequences! And if churches are not good for you, whats really good for you? And who are these “thieves and magaidis” you are talking about anyhow? Any proof? You need to think deeper before you soak God’s places in mud? Otherwise, borrowed heresy is pretty dangerous!!

  • Gabby

    Kalonzo and his goons hide behind the cloak! It is well known…….

    • Good people are always under attack. Remember how we were treated to stories of Kalonzo wanting to get back to parliament even when he had never ever uttered a word? There are alot of people who feel that he should be tarnished and completely destroyed. In Kenya if you are not corrupt you become unwanted item. I hope you are not joining wicked corrupt escapists in stoning an obvious innocent decent man!

      • Gabby

        If you were my neighbour, I would be happy to move forward with tangibles……

        • I guess, thats clean escapism!!!!

          • Gabby

            Oh my. You didn’t even try….. Hasta la vista, amigo!

  • Corrupt wicked people have been on overdrive to paint former vice president in bad light. If the cottages were sold to the VP, how does he become one of the people who uprooted others? Buying property from a registered vendor cant constitute a crime, give us a break please!!!!

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