Top 10 excuses men use to get out of sex

men get out of sex

There is a stereotype that women often make excuses to avoid sex but according to a new survey, when the game is on, the tables are turned.

A recent Durex survey revealed that the number one excuse for not being in the ‘mood’ is wanting to watch soccer.

According to the survey:

  • 40% of men would turn down sex to watch soccer
  • 27% of men have thought about soccer during sex
  • 42% will try to ‘get it over with quickly’ in order to watch a game
  • 70% agree that faking it on the soccer pitch ruins the game
  • 1 in 3 believe it’s worse to ‘fake it’ on the pitch than in the bedroom

The age old excuse of faking a headache has been given the red card by soccer fans with the more honest ‘I want to watch soccer’ as the most common way to get out of having sex, a study revealed.

The British survey conducted by 72Point, an international market research organisation, was commissioned by Durex as part of their #DontFakeIt campaign to highlight how soccer affects couples’ sex life.

Many fake illness or injury to get out of sex

Researchers found that, whilst being honest was favoured by most people, many are still likely to fake illness or injury to get out of having sex.  Excuses such as, ‘I have a bad back’ or ‘I’m too tired’, ‘I have a headache’ and ‘I’ve been working late’ were added to the top five excuses.

The prospect of a big soccer match is exciting and for some not even the offer of bedroom action is going to get in the way of their viewing time.

Excuses such as, ‘I’ve got a bad back’ or ‘I’m too tired’, ‘I’ve got a headache’ and ‘I’ve been working late’ were added to the top five excuses.

40% of men admit to turning down sex in favour of soccer

Researchers also discovered that despite the common perception of men rarely being the ones to turn down the offer of some action between the sheets, 40% admit they will reject their other half’s offer so they can watch the game instead.

Even if they do get intimate with their partners, 42% will try to ‘get it over with quickly’ in order to leave them free to watch the game in peace. However, it also emerged that 37% would ditch the excuses and accept their partner’s offer of sex if they could still have the TV on to keep an eye on the pitch-side action at the same time.

Durex believes that sex and soccer should be a fake free zone

“Considering that 82% of South Africans believe that sex is beneficial to their health and wellbeing, we encourage couples to turn back the attention on building intimacy and a satisfying sex life once the game is over,” says Bevan Lewis, Category Manager, Durex.

Top ten excuses:

  1. I want to watch soccer
  2. I have a bad back
  3. I’m too tired
  4. I have a headache
  5. I’ve been working late
  6. I have work to do
  7. I’m too drunk
  8. Can we do it later?
  9. I don’t feel well
  10. I have an early start in the morning
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