Cosmetics company develops World’s first Visual Fragrance™ Technology

Innovative cosmetics company Amkiri Ltd has launched the world’s first ever ‘visual fragrance™’ technology.

The company has developed and successfully patented a technology comprised of scented ‘ink’ which is applied to the skin via specifically developed applicators, allowing the user to apply and create body art infused with fragrance. Bridging the worlds of scent and colour, Amkiri has created a product for the beauty industry which enables consumers the complete freedom of multisensory self-expression.

The product range comprises a first-of-its-kind liquid, similar in its form to crème-like ink, which combines both colour and quality fragrance. The long-lasting formula is applied to the skin via the company’s beauty applicators, including a Brush Wand, FreeHand Wand, stencils and stamps.

The innovative and patented technology of Amkiri allows fragrance to be carried in liquid ‘ink’ and worn visually on the skin, while ensuring the scent remains true to itself and lasts for up to 12 hours. In addition, the unique ‘ink’ adapts to the natural elasticity and movement of the skin, enabling any visual designs created by the user to dry smoothly and remain long lasting.

This new patented technology that can carry any fragrance and colour, is due to make a selection of products available to consumers in May 2018, with a wider launch later in the year.

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