Relationships 101: 10 Happy couple secrets


Here are 10 tips, shared by happy, loving couples that they’ve made a habit in their relationships. Do them often enough and you can make these habits in yours too:

1. Listen, really listen

Giving someone your undivided attention shows them that they’re important. Close the screen and put down the phone. After all, wouldn’t you expect the same treatment?

Resist the urge to interrupt, sigh or roll your eyes and let him get to the end before you offer your opinion.

2. Focus on the good, not the annoying habits

Everyone has annoying habits – even you. If you only focus on the toilet seat issue or the plates being dumped on the wrong side of the sink, you’ll overlook the sweet and loving things he does, and spend your time together in a negative, irritated mood.

Focus on the good in your partner: tell him when he makes you proud, and that he’s doing a good job as a dad. And don’t forget those three little words: “I love you”. (Say them often enough and you’ll feel love, not irritation, flowing out of you.)

3. Find something to do together on weekends

Look for something you can do together to develop a shared passion: running, wine tasting or even watching the same sport on TV. That way you won’t spend weekends alone, feeling left out and resentful – or guilty when you spend your free time away from him.

4. Hug often

Hugging is one of the most underrated things humans can do for each other. Physical contact is vital for every human’s health and happiness and even if you find yourselves passing each other like ships in the night during the week, or are too tired for more, a hug shows your partner that you still want contact and closeness.

5. Hold hands in public

This shows your partner (and the world) that you are proud to be with him, and you’re not scared to let everyone else see this too. It keeps closeness and intimacy alive too – even when you’re grocery shopping or watching a school play.

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